The Story

The story of Haibin began in 2009, when Allen established the trade department, officially stepping into the fabric trade industry and embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Deeply aware of the opportunities and challenges in this field, he held onto his enthusiasm and aspirations for the future, firmly believing that he could carve out a space of his own.

A few years later, Haibin Textiles gradually gained momentum. In 2013, Allen accidentally encountered the outdoor industry and made a decisive shift, focusing on the research and supply of outdoor fabrics.

However, as he delved deeper into the industry, Allen gradually realized the significant gap in quality and price between Chinese fabrics and foreign fabrics. This deeply saddened him but also sparked a greater fighting spirit. He was determined to build an influential fabric supplier recognized by the industry.

To fulfill this dream, he began traveling extensively, searching for like-minded partners. In 2015, a professional team finally took shape, and everyone worked together to push forward the development of the business.

In the following years, with continuous investment in funds and resources, the enterprise achieved rapid growth. In 2016, Allen invested in and established his own weaving factory, achieving a transformation and upgrade from trade to production. This not only improved product quality and supply capabilities but also laid a solid foundation for the enterprise’s development.

As the business continued to expand, the demand for fabric quality also increased. In 2018, advanced testing instruments were purchased, and a laboratory was established to conduct strict quality inspections and technological research and development on fabrics. This measure further enhanced the enterprise’s core competitiveness and earned the trust and praise of customers.

However, success was not smooth sailing. In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic brought tremendous impact to the global economy. Facing this challenge, the company began to deeply reflect on the relationship between man and nature, proposed the concept of environmental protection, and started to develop environmentally friendly fabrics, contributing to the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

As time went by, Haibin Textiles continued to grow and strengthen. In 2022, it acquired a coating factory, further enriching its product line and providing customers with more diversified fabric options. In 2024, it established its own new shaping factory, achieving full control over the fabric production process and further improving product quality and production efficiency.